Caring for your models

Our miniatures our printed using the latest and best in 3d printing technology. We spend a lot of time selecting the best resin and ensuring that the models are able to be printed sucessfully. 

Resin allows for incredible levels of detail. Generally, we're printing in layers of around 0.23 microns; less than the width of a human hair. However, Resin also has some elements that mean certain care needs to be taken.

First of all, Resin is brittle. Although we've selected a blend of Resins that have a certain amount of toughness, they are still prone to damage if dropped. Ensure your models are stored carefully, and when transporting, make sure they are carefully transported using case and foam. In particular, ensure that slimmer elements, such as Swords, staffs etc, are protected.

We ship our minatures without any form of primer, allowing you to select the primer that suits you best. We advise that you prime your model as soon as possible Resin, if left un-primed and in direct sunlight, can become brittle as the UV light over-cures the model. Once primed, the model is protected from the UV light. And besides, it's nice to not have a grey army!

We take great care to remove the supports from our models, however, you may find some small artefacts are left. These can be carefully removed with a hobby file or craft knife. We take pains to ensure that supports are not placed on fine detail, so you don't need to explain why your might warriors have what appears to be a pimple on their nose.

If you have any questions than either join us on Discord, or drop us an E-mail. we love to hear from you, and like to help in anyway we can to make the most of your models.


Frequently asked question

Generally speaking, we prefer .stl files. However, we can accept a broad range of 3d Files, so if in doubt, contact us and we can double check if we can work with it (We probably can)

Delivery is done via Royal Mail 1st class post.

We have a maximum size of 330x185x300mm for any single piece. However, for very large items we can split the part into multiple pieces.

Absolutely! We can print in a variety of finishes, including optically clear resin.

Yes! We've produced a fair number of prop pieces, which we have printed to survive the rigours of cosplay outings.

Order a Custom print