Who we are

Hamster Foundry is a company born out of passion and dedication to the world of tabletop battle and role-playing games. With over three decades of experience playing table top games, our team of avid gamers understands the importance of quality products that elevate and enhance the gaming experience.

At Hamster Foundry, we firmly believe in creating exceptional goods for gamers, because we are gamers ourselves. We know firsthand the excitement and immersion that comes from engaging in epic tabletop adventures, and our mission is to bring that same level of enjoyment to fellow enthusiasts worldwide.

We take immense pride in crafting high-quality miniatures, terrain, and accessories that not only bring characters and settings to life but also meet the exacting standards that we, as gamers, demand. Our unwavering commitment to detail, accuracy, and creativity is the driving force behind every product that bears the Hamster Foundry name.

As we continue to grow and evolve, Hamster Foundry remains dedicated to delivering the very best in tabletop gaming products. Join us on this journey, and let our passion for gaming inspire and enrich your own tabletop adventures!

Frequently asked question

Generally speaking, we prefer .stl files. However, we can accept a broad range of 3d Files, so if in doubt, contact us and we can double check if we can work with it (We probably can)

Delivery is done via Royal Mail 1st class post.

We have a maximum size of 330x185x300mm for any single piece. However, for very large items we can split the part into multiple pieces.

Absolutely! We can print in a variety of finishes, including optically clear resin.

Yes! We've produced a fair number of prop pieces, which we have printed to survive the rigours of cosplay outings.

Order a Custom print