'The last we saw of the blacksmith, he was hammering some horseshoes. We come back to find him gone, and his Anvil not where he left it.'

The mimic is a menace that haunts the fantasy realms. Master of disguise, these creatures wait to ambush the unwary.

From magnificent castnplay comes an array of mimics. These astonishingly detailed and fun miniatures depict mimics at their most sneaky; from a book to a garden gnome to a toilet, there is nowhere to hide from these toothy menaces!

This set comprises of two miniatures, the mimic in disguise, and the mimic revealed. These models vary in size but are designed for use alongside models scaled for use in 32mm scaled games.

Our models arrive at your doorstep unassembled and unpainted. Each model is printed using a cutting-edge 8K printer in premium resin that is specially chosen for its ability to hold detail and withstand the rigours of the gaming table. Each product is diligently cleaned and inspected by hand and subjected to rigorous quality control processes.

Given the nature of resin 3D printing, minor bumps from supports may appear on the models. These can be effortlessly filed before painting, ensuring a pristine final product.

We are proud to be licensed to print castnplay miniatures. You can find more designs at www.patreon.com/castnplay. If you see one you like that we've not listed, contact us, and we'll gladly add it to the collection.