Chips - Human Hybrid


'Die on your knees, or die running. It's all the same to me'

For some people, having a prosthetic here or an upgrade there is not enough. They crave a true melding of the machine. For Chips, that meant abandoning all but the loosest form of humanity, making him a lethal hunter-killer.

This amazing 35mm figure is stunningly detailed and a perfect addition to any sci-fi, grimdark battle, or roleplay game. It comes with a choice of two fantastic poses, both as imposing as the other.

Please note that this miniature comes unassembled and unpainted. Due to the resin material's intricate details and delicate nature may require some clean-up and assembly. You may find colour variances and surface blemishes. These should be unnoticeable when primed. We hand-finish every miniature, painstakingly removing supports, cleaning and curing the model. Every model is inspected under a magnifying glass to ensure the highest quality. We don't send it if we wouldn't use it on our own tabletop.