Print Minis

Code splicer cult members


Code splicers move among the poor, the broken and the oppressed. Preaching quiet revolution, they bide their time until rising up from the depths to strike at those that spurned them for so long.  

This is a highly detailed multipart set from the fantastic print minis. This set comes with ten cult members. They come armed with a menacing array of pistols, shotguns and rifles, and a heavy machine gun and sci-fi heavy weapon for the larger targets. 

These models are scaled 28mm to eye line and are suitable for a range of hobby gaming systems such as Warhammer 40K, Necromunda Core Space, One Page rules and more.  

Our models arrive at your doorstep unassembled and unpainted. Each model is printed using a cutting-edge 8K printer and then diligently cleaned, inspected by hand and subjected to our rigorous quality control processes. It's our promise to you - we won't dispatch anything that falls short of our high standards.

Given the nature of resin 3D printing, minor bumps from supports may appear on the models. These can be effortlessly filed before painting, ensuring a pristine final product.

Hamster Foundry believes that the stunning designs of the models we license deserve the absolute best in quality and service. We promise every model we send out is as high quality as possible.

We are a licensed Print Minis supplier. You can find more of their epic models and support them here: