Order of Repentance Battle Sisters APC


From the talented sculptures at Dakka Dakka comes the Order or Repentance APC. Perfect for taking Battle Sisters into the heat of combat, this APC is more than a match for the foes of humanity. This kit includes the APC chassis plus several different weapon options, making it perfect of customisation.

The model is scaled for use in 32mm gaming systems and is suitable for use in a wide range of popular role-play, skirmish, and combat miniature board games.

Printed using cutting-edge 8K printers, this exquisite model is printed using premium resins, showcasing the stunning detailed sculpt.

Our models arrive at your doorstep unassembled and unpainted. Each model is diligently cleaned, inspected by hand, and subjected to our rigorous quality control processes. It's our promise to you - we won't dispatch anything that falls short of our high standards.

Given the nature of resin 3d printing, minor bumps from supports may appear on the models. These can be effortlessly filed before painting, ensuring a pristine final product.

Hamster Foundry believes the stunning designs of the models we license deserve the best quality and service. We promise every model we send out is as high quality as possible.