Bite The Bullet

The Betrayer


Those who break faith are cursed by all. But some spend a life breaking every faith, every vow and every promise. Those wretches are destined to return to the mortal plane as the terrifying betrayer. Wielding a cursed blade and bellowing cries of rage, the betrayer is terrible to behold.

These models come from the amazing artists at Bite The Bullet. Printed using high-detail 8K printers using premium resins, this miniature is full of incredible detail that will make it the highlight of any collection. This model is a massively imposing addition to any army.

Models are supplied unassembled and unpainted using dark grey resin. All our models are cleaned and checked by hand. We pride ourselves on our quality and won't send out miniatures that don't meet our high standards. Due to the nature of resin printing, models may have small bumps from supports; these can be easily filed before painting.