Print Minis

The bond breaker dieselpunk mech


Print Minis introduce a hefty addition to their mech collection with the enormous Bond Breaker Dieselpunk mech. Armed to the teeth, either with missile launchers or gatling guns, the Bond Breaker is the final word in battlefield overkill. 

This model stands a frankly absurd 145mm (Approximately) as measured from foot to antenna, and comes with parts to make both mech variants This is a multipart model, suitable for beginner to intermediate model makers. 

Utilising cutting-edge 8K printers, each miniature is printed using premium resins, capturing every intricate detail of the sculpt. Whether you're into fantasy realms or sci-fi galaxies, our miniatures bring your games to life.

Your ordered models will arrive unassembled and unpainted, allowing you to customise them to fit your unique vision. Rest assured, every model is meticulously cleaned, inspected by hand, and undergoes stringent quality control. We pride ourselves on our commitment to excellence – if it doesn’t meet our high standards, it doesn’t leave our shop.

Given the nature of resin 3D printing, minor support marks might be present on some models. However, these can be easily filed before painting to achieve a flawless finish. Hamster Foundry is dedicated to the incredible designs of the models we license. We promise you that every model dispatched from our store represents the pinnacle of quality in independent wargaming miniatures.