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Tortle Pirate


Set sail for adventure with the Tortle Pirate Miniature, a daring and expertly crafted character that brings the excitement of swashbuckling piracy to your tabletop RPG sessions or adds a touch of high-seas intrigue to your miniature collection.

Our Tortle Pirate Miniature is intricately sculpted and cast in premium-quality resin, capturing every detail with impressive realism. From the iconic pirate attire, complete with tricorn hat and cutlass, to the battle-hardened shell and the confident, adventurous expression, this figure perfectly embodies the essence of a fearless tortle pirate.

Measuring approximately 35mm in scale, this miniature is the ideal size for use in a wide range of tabletop role-playing games, immersing you and your fellow players in thrilling pirate escapades. Whether you're seeking a courageous ally for your party's adventures or a unique character to display in your collection, our Tortle Pirate Miniature is an exceptional choice.

Please note that this miniature comes unassembled and unpainted, offering you the opportunity to customize your Tortle Pirate to your personal preferences. Due to the intricate details and delicate nature of the resin material, some clean-up and assembly may be required.

Embark on a high-seas adventure with the Tortle Pirate Miniature, and enhance your tabletop gaming experience with this swashbuckling and finely detailed character. Order yours today and let the fearless spirit of the Tortle Pirate lead your journey!

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