Custom Prints

You bring the file, and we'll do the printing!

A world of astounding 3d printed art is available, from Patreon to Kickstarter and beyond. But not everyone has access to the 3d printers. Our custom printing service allows people to back amazing artists and enjoy the rewards without the expense and mess of owning a printer. So back that amazing new army on Kickstarter, or go ahead and purchase the unbelievably detailed 3d artwork. Then, bring us the file to print. We bring the same level of care and attention to your custom prints as we do for our own, ensuring that every single detail shines.

We will work with you to ensure your custom print is produced using the correct medium for the job. If it’s a Cosplay item, we’ll ensure it’s printed using incredibly tough engineering resin, whereas, for finely detailed pieces, we will use our premium model resin. We will also work to ensure the print is as cost-effective as possible; where we think it makes sense to hollow a piece, we’ll go ahead and hollow it.


Pricing is determined by the size of the model, the level of pre and post-processing and the time to print. 

Contact us now for a quote, and bring your files to life! 


Terms and Conditions


  • Hamster Foundry reserves the right to decline printing services for any files that are deemed to potentially contravene UK legislation.
  • We retain the discretion to reject printing requests for files suspected of infringing upon intellectual property rights, in compliance with UK copyright laws.
  • For files submitted for printing, we may request evidence of lawful acquisition or ownership as part of our due diligence process.
  • It is the sole responsibility of the client to ensure they possess the necessary copyright and rights to authorize the printing of the submitted file. Hamster Foundry shall not bear any liability for copyright infringements or other legal ramifications arising from the customer's provision of such files.

Frequently asked question

Generally speaking, we prefer .stl files. However, we can accept a broad range of 3d Files, so if in doubt, contact us and we can double check if we can work with it (We probably can)

Delivery is done via Royal Mail 1st class post.

We have a maximum size of 330x185x300mm for any single piece. However, for very large items we can split the part into multiple pieces.

Absolutely! We can print in a variety of finishes, including optically clear resin.

Yes! We've produced a fair number of prop pieces, which we have printed to survive the rigours of cosplay outings.

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