Forbidden Prints

Alien Artefacts - Massive Egyptian themed terrain


From Forbidden Prints comes a fantastic new scenery set. 

In the distant past, mighty empires bestrode the universe, using technology so advanced as to seem like magic. But that was aeons ago, and the empires from before have crumbled to dust. Most believe them extinct, a myth. Others believe they merely sleep, awaiting a time to wake and retake what is rightfully theirs. For those foolish enough to disturb their tombs, only death awaits.

This stunning scenery set offers players in sci-fi games a massive battlefield to fight across. Inspired by ancient Egypt, the sets can be configured to reflect mighty tombs or scattered platforms. Available in several l configurations, players can create single-set pieces or entire battlefields. It cannot be understated how large these pieces of scenery are; they are guaranteed to be the centre of attention on any board. There are enough parts to make a variety of layouts, ranging from a single massive pyramid, to a set of small tombs.

Each set is printed on a cutting-edge FDM printer, allowing for near-resin levels of detail. It also makes the terrain extraordinarily sturdy and can withstand the rigours of board gaming. 

As each set is printed, there may be some variance in colour and finish. Every piece of scenery is inspected by hand to ensure we only send out scenery of exceptional quality. We take great pride in ensuring that these stunning terrain pieces will be a collector's pride and joy.

Due to the size of the scenery, it may take up to two weeks for delivery.

Miniatures are for illustration purposes only and are not included in the set.  

We are proud to be officially licensed to print Forbidden print scenery.