Bite The Bullet

Kobold Squad Leader


Introducing the strategic Kobold Squad Leader, a tactical mastermind and inspiring presence, ready to command and coordinate their troops in your tabletop adventures and wargaming battles. This remarkably detailed wargame miniature brings the authoritative character to life, capturing the essence of cunning, leadership, and reptilian resilience.

Crafted from high-quality resin, the Kobold Squad Leader miniature showcases intricate details that make it an outstanding addition to any wargaming collection. From the reptilian facial features and confident, commanding stance to the expertly designed armor, weapons, and banners, this model embodies the tactical prowess and unwavering determination of the Kobold Squad Leader.

Our commitment to quality ensures that each model is carefully post-processed and hand-checked to meet exacting standards. As fellow gamers, we understand the importance of accurate, immersive miniatures that transport you to the world of fantasy wargaming.

Please note that due to the nature of resin materials, color and finish may vary. Some cleanup may be required to remove support marks, but we make every effort to minimize imperfections. Any minor blemishes can be easily filled and will not detract from the overall beauty and detail of the model.

Take command of the battlefield with this striking Kobold Squad Leader miniature, and let the strategic mastery and reptilian tenacity of this exceptional character lead you to victory in epic battles and gripping fantasy adventures!