Secret Forge

Nuke and Neon - Blast off


Adventure awaits with fantastic retro-future styling.

From the fantastic talent at Secret Forge comes Nuke and Neon: Blast off! A fantastically posed 75mm model, Neon: Blast Off is an amazing setpiece model and the perfect painting project.

This set comprises a single Neon: Blastoff multipart model kit. This kit is suitable for intermediate to advanced modelling skills.

Our models arrive at your doorstep unassembled and unpainted. Each model is printed using a cutting-edge resin printer in premium resin that is specially chosen for its ability to hold detail and withstand the rigours of the gaming table. Each product is diligently cleaned and inspected by hand and subjected to rigorous quality control processes.

Given the nature of resin 3D printing, minor bumps from supports may appear on the models. These can be effortlessly filed before painting, ensuring a pristine final product.

We are thrilled to be licensed to print Nuke and Neon by Secret Forge. Be sure to check out more of their designs at