Forbidden Prints

Ruins of the empire scatter set


From forbidden prints comes the Ruins of the Empire scatter kit. 

Every empire falls, eventually. And when it does, it leaves behind the scattered rubble of fading glory, echoes of what came before. Although the empire that built them is long forgotten, new races now fight over the ruins, using them for cover as they desperately engage the enemy.

Ruins of the Empire is a highly detailed terrain set, perfect for any 28, 32 or 35mm wargame. It comes in four configurations to suit any size or budget, from the set of corners to split up the line of sight through to the entire set, perfect for armies to battle over.

Each set is printed on a cutting-edge FDM printer, allowing for near-resin levels of detail, but without the cost. It also makes the terrain extraordinarily sturdy and can withstand the rigours of board gaming. Unlike resin, FDM may sometimes leave slightly visible layer lines; however, these are generally covered when the scenery is primed for painting. We take great pains to ensure layering artefacts are kept at a bare minimum.

As each set is printed, there may be some variance in colour and finish. Every piece of scenery is inspected by hand to ensure we only send out the scenery of exceptional quality. We take great pride in ensuring that these stunning terrain pieces will be the pride of place of any collection.

Miniatures are for illustration purposes only and are not included in the set.