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Tortle Cleric


Presenting the Tortle Cleric Miniature, an expertly crafted and highly detailed figure that brings a touch of divine wisdom and serenity to your tabletop role-playing games. This unique character represents the fusion of a wise tortle's natural resilience and the divine powers of a devoted cleric, making it a perfect addition to any gaming session or miniature collection.

Our Tortle Cleric Miniature is meticulously sculpted and cast in premium-quality resin to ensure the most intricate details are captured. From the protective shell and the serene facial expression to the ornate staff and holy symbols adorning its vestments, every aspect of this figure is designed to evoke the essence of a devout tortle cleric.

Measuring approximately 28mm in scale, this miniature is the perfect size for use in a wide range of tabletop role-playing games, adding a touch of divine guidance to your gaming sessions. Whether you're seeking a powerful ally to aid your party or a unique character to enrich your collection, our Tortle Cleric Miniature is an exceptional choice.

Please note that this miniature comes unassembled and unpainted, allowing you the opportunity to personalize your Tortle Cleric to your liking. Due to the intricate details and delicate nature of the resin material, some clean-up and assembly may be required.

Summon the divine power of the Tortle Cleric Miniature and elevate your tabletop gaming experience with this exquisitely detailed and captivating character. Order yours today and let the wisdom and serenity of the Tortle Cleric guide your adventures!