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Tortle Druid


Introducing the Tortle Druid Miniature, an enchanting and beautifully crafted character that embodies the harmony between nature and the mystic wisdom of the tortle race. This captivating figure is perfect for adding an element of magical wonder to your tabletop RPG sessions or enriching your miniature collection with its unique charm.

Our Tortle Druid Miniature is intricately sculpted and cast in high-quality resin, ensuring that every detail is exquisitely captured. From the gracefully flowing robes adorned with natural motifs to the staff entwined with vines and the serene expression of wisdom, this figure perfectly showcases the essence of a tortle druid.

Measuring 35mm in scale, this larger-than-life miniature stands out on the tabletop and adds an impressive presence to your gaming sessions. Whether you're seeking a powerful ally to aid your party in their quest or simply wish to display a beautifully crafted character in your collection, our Tortle Druid Miniature is an exceptional choice.

Please note that this miniature comes unassembled and unpainted, offering you the opportunity to customize your Tortle Druid to your personal preferences. Due to the intricate details and delicate nature of the resin material, some clean-up and assembly may be required.

Embrace the mystic power of the Tortle Druid Miniature and enhance your tabletop gaming experience with this exquisitely detailed and enchanting character. Order yours today and let the magic of nature guide your adventures!