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Tortle Monk


Discover the powerful and agile Tortle Monk Miniature, a masterfully crafted character that embodies the balance of physical prowess and spiritual tranquility found within the disciplined tortle martial artist. This exceptional figure is perfect for adding an element of dynamic action to your tabletop RPG sessions or enhancing your miniature collection with its captivating presence.

Our Tortle Monk Miniature is intricately sculpted and cast in premium-quality resin, ensuring that every detail is beautifully captured. From the precisely designed martial arts attire to the poised combat stance and the serene expression of inner peace, this figure perfectly showcases the essence of a skilled tortle monk.

Measuring approximately 35mm in scale, this miniature is an ideal size for use in a wide range of tabletop role-playing games, adding a touch of martial art mastery to your gaming sessions. Whether you're seeking a powerful ally to assist your party in their adventures or a unique character to enrich your collection, our Tortle Monk Miniature is an outstanding choice.

Please note that this miniature comes unassembled and unpainted, allowing you the opportunity to customize your Tortle Monk to your personal preferences. Due to the intricate details and delicate nature of the resin material, some clean-up and assembly may be required.

Experience the harmonious balance of power and serenity with the Tortle Monk Miniature, and elevate your tabletop gaming adventures with this skillfully detailed and inspiring martial artist character. Order yours today and let the disciplined energy of the Tortle Monk guide your journey!