Bite The Bullet

Treasure Goblin

Catch them if you can! From Bite the Bullet comes the diminutive yet profitable figure of the treasure goblin. Carrying a loot sack, this goblin is a tempting catch for any adventurer. Be wary, though - it might be luring you into a trap! This miniature is the perfect addition to any games-master's arsenal, allowing them to add a roving objective to any campaign.

This is part of the Bite the Bullet Hells Angels release and complements other models in that range.

This highly detailed miniature is scaled for 35mm game systems and is ideal for use in various tabletop games. This is a perfect miniature to add to your Dungeons and Dragons campaign, Age of Sigmar battle or any other gaming system.

Please note that this miniature comes unassembled and unpainted. Due to the resin material's intricate details and delicate nature may require some clean-up and assembly. You may find colour variances and surface blemishes. These should be unnoticeable when primed. We hand-finish every miniature, painstakingly removing supports, cleaning and curing the model. Every model is inspected under a magnifying glass to ensure its quality is highest. We don't send it if we wouldn't use it on our own tabletop.